5 in 1 DVD (English and Spanish programs)

5 in 1 DVD (English and Spanish programs)
5 in 1 DVD (English and Spanish programs)
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Product Description

This DVD proves that God miraculously created all things. It also describes the eternal punishment that awaits all who refuse to love and obey God. It also has a video documentary on the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

DVD: Creation & Miracles

An Extremely Important Video That Everyone Needs to See!

This DVD:

• disproves Evolution

• gives evidence of a worldwide flood

• gives evidence of Biblical and modern day miracles

• shows incorrupt bodies of saints

• shows pictures of Eucharistic miracles

• discusses the miraculous details of the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ

Approximate Time: 55 minutes

Death and the Journey Into Hell

This DVD shows:

• how short life really is

• how quickly we are forgotten after we die

• the pains and various tortures of Hell

• the fewness of the saved

• the ways to avoid Hell

Approximate Time: 1 hour

DVD: The Miraculous Image of Guadalupe

This DVD shows how the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

• has no undersketch or underdrawing

• has now remained for 482 years

• remains at an even 36.5 degrees C, or 98.6 degrees F., the normal human body temperature.

• has a bearded man in the eyes of Virgin

• facilitated the conversion of almost 10 million souls to the Catholic Faith

Approximate Time: 22 minutes

The Key to John 3:16 (9 minutes)

Why Hell Must Be Eternal (5 minutes)


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