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The Bible teaches that Jesus made St. Peter the first pope

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This is a very important audio for people to hear. It contains devastating and irrefutable evidence from the Bible which proves that Jesus made St. Peter the first pope. Among other things, this audio covers: the change of Peter’s name; the keys of the kingdom – Matthew 16 and Isaias 22; who is the Rock of Matthew 16? It’s Peter; Peter’s unfailing faith; Jesus entrusts all of His sheep to Peter; the prominence of Peter’s name in Scripture; Peter takes the prime role in the replacement of Judas; Peter’s primacy in the Acts of the Apostles and more.

This audio also covers the following issues: “Was Peter ever in Rome? If so, how come the Bible doesn’t say so? Even if Jesus gave great authority to Peter, what does that have to do with Rome? Didn’t St. Paul rebuke St. Peter in Galatians 2:11? Where does the term Catholic Church come from anyway?” This section shows that the offices of the Apostles (bishops) and the office of St. Peter (the Papacy) were instituted to continue with successors. They were founded by Jesus to continue through the history of the Church after the original apostles and Peter had died. This section demonstrates that St. Peter was in Rome and was its first bishop; it demonstrates that apostolic and papal succession come from the teaching of the Bible; it discusses the origin of the term “Catholic Church,” Gal. 2:11 and more.

Time: 1 hour and 11 min.

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