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Debate: Are the Post Vatican II Claimants to the Papacy True Popes? (Part 2 Audio Tape)

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Oct. 24, 2006 -- Debate on Sedevacantism: Are the Post-Vatican II claimants to the Papacy true Popes?

William Golle (Yes) vs. Bro. Michael Dimond and Bro. Peter Dimond (No)

Mr. Golle is a writer for the Catholic Star Herald (Camden diocesan newspaper) who studies the issue of sedevacantism. Mr. Golle has a degree in Systematic Theology from Seton Hall University and he is working toward his Masters Degree. Listen to this very interesting 3-hour debate. There are sessions of opening statements, rebuttals, detailed questions and answers. See whose position stands the test of truth when the issues are dealt with in a format where they cannot be evaded or ignored. The true position will be obvious to those who sincerely listen to this debate.

*This is an audio cassette. We only have Part 2 audio cassette in stock. To purchase an MP3 disc with dozens of our videos on audio, please see below.*


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