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Justification by Faith Alone refuted and the Catholic teaching on Justification proved by the Protestant Bible

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You will not hear a presentation like this – which makes these critical points and covers this much material in just 90 minutes – anywhere else. Using the King James Version of the Bible, this audio gives the irrefutable and overwhelming evidence from almost every book in the New Testament that man is not justified by faith alone and that “eternal security” (i.e. the “once saved always saved” idea) is a completely unscriptural myth. This audio proves that the Bible teaches the Catholic view of Justification, that works are a part of Justification and that a true believer can lose his salvation by mortal sin. This audio also addresses the key verses that Protestants bring forward to attempt to prove Justification by faith alone. This is a must-listen for non-Catholics who claim to follow the Bible as the word of God, for it shows that Scripture refutes the Protestant view of Justification which is held by millions and that it’s necessary therefore join the Church which upholds and teaches the real teaching of the Bible on Justification!

Approximate time: 1 hour 30 min.

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