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Book: The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II

Book: The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II
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This book is 658 pages.

Based upon the infallible teaching of the Catholic popes (the Magisterium), Sacred Scripture and Catholic Tradition, this book is a defense of the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Church. With irrefutable evidence and undeniable documentation (including more than 1,700 references), this book demonstrates what has really happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II. This book contains the most complete exposé of the post-Vatican II apostasy from the Catholic Faith that has ever been produced.

► You will learn that in Catholic history there have been 260 popes and over 40 antipopes (i.e., false popes who claimed to be true popes but were not, and some of them even reigned from Rome for a time).

► You will learn that an apostasy in Rome is predicted to occur in the last days.

► You will learn what the Catholic Church teaches about heretics: heretics lose any offices they hold or claim to hold in the Catholic Church (including the office of pope), without any declaration, when they defect from the Catholic Faith.

► You will learn what the Catholic Church teaches about non-Catholic religions, and what has been taught since Vatican II about non-Catholic religions.

► You will learn that the coming of a Counter Church in the final days – a counterfeit sect which is meant to deceive and lead Catholics astray in the time of the Great Apostasy – was predicted by Jesus Christ, the Mother of God during her 1846 appearance at La Salette (France), and other Catholic prophecies, including by Pope Leo XIII.

► You will learn that the “Church” which has arisen since Vatican II is without any doubt a Counter Church – with new teachings, new practices, manifestly heretical antipopes and a New Mass which all oppose the teachings of the Catholic Church.

► The heretical and false teachings of this Counter Church and its antipopes are exposed and refuted in this book in tremendous factual detail. This book contains:

• The most devastating exposé of the heresies in the documents of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) that has been produced…

• The most devastating exposé of the heresies of John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI that has been done, including the shocking actions of interreligious “ecumenism”…

• A detailed examination of the Liturgical Revolution (the changes to the Mass and sacraments after Vatican II), and why many of the new sacraments (including the New Mass) are invalid according to Catholic sacramental teaching…

• An answer to every major objection posed by those who say that the conclusions presented in this book are not conformable to Catholic teaching on the Papacy or the indefectibility of the Catholic Church…

• A vigorous exposé of the rotten fruits that have flowed from Vatican II, which are so revealing about the truth of what has occurred since Vatican II, including the abominable priestly sex scandal (and why it occurred), the proabortion-politicians-Communion-scandal, the abominable state of post-Vatican II seminaries and religious orders, the annulment fiasco, the post-Vatican II Church’s union with pagan culture, the apostasy of the post-Vatican II hierarchy, and much more…

• This book covers in detail many of the issues raised by different traditional Catholic groups which have correctly concluded that Vatican II started an apostasy, but differ on what to conclude about it.

This book is based on years of the most intense research, including: a study of every papal encyclical since 1740 (the year when the modern form of encyclical was introduced), a study of the decrees of all the ecumenical councils in Church history and other papal bulls, research of every published issue of the Vatican’s weekly newspaper from April 4, 1968 to the present, an intense study of Catholic history, and much more. No Catholic can afford not to read this monumental work.

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